An Even Smaller House…

I personally am looking at ideas to downsize tiny. This one is 8×8, and has a sleeping loft that runs length-wise instead of width. The kitchen and toilet areas are behind fold or swing out doors to one side. All of the appliances are the apartment sizes now available, many are 18″ except the tub.

Yes, that IS a tub! There are clever RV tubs that are very small. This one is 32″x 24″ and I put it under the tiny stairs.  The windows at the right of entry are pretty much floor to ceiling and I would also add two mini dormers to extend the feeling of size inside. The broken line in the middle is the loft, which is open. The ceiling would be under the 13′ of most, probably somewhere around the 12’6″ mark.

This one would be easy to tow and less expensive to build. Ideally, it would be tow-able with a smaller vehicle and be towed more frequently.

3 responses to “An Even Smaller House…

  1. OOH! I just had an idea!

    In order to cut down on space needed for the kitchen, and still have adequate room for meal prep, (no matter how small my house, I will have to have an oven and some place to chop), I could put a multi-use island about two feet inside the front door. When the doors to the kitchen are closed, this would be a desk or table, but when opened, this would serve as a counter.

  2. It looks like your bathroom area is 2 x 4.
    I’m pretty sure you can “stack” it and make it 2 x 3.
    toilet at the bottom, torso level is a fold out sink w/ mirror
    on the wall, then shower head just right above your head.

    The fold out sink will be tricky, do you know any?

    • Hey Kim!

      Thanks for the comment! I must confess, I am going totally rogue here and decided that since the entire place is 8×8, and the bath and kitchen are
      hidden behind fold out walls, I am not going to put a sink IN the bathroom. I think it is moot, since the sink in the “kitchen” is a couple of feet away anyway. I can wash my hands in the kitchen sink. This may add the need to disinfect the sink more frequently due to the nasty e.coli bacteria, but really why should I have two sinks? Anyway, I will be practically on top of the tub as I make use of the “throne.” I can just wash them in the tub. As a matter of fact, I saw at least one tub that includes the potty, (separate of course), in the tub!

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