A Strange Compendium of Modern Sustainability and Ole Time Sense with a Dash of Humor

I live in a moderately tiny house:  just over 500 sq ft. My dream home is a tiny house on wheels.  I have lived in a tiny cabin in the mountains of NC where we raised goats, and have also occupied various types of alternative shelters during my time here on the dirt ball we call home.

If you have never visited my site before, let me tell you how to get around in my tiny blog…

If you know about Tiny Houses, I write (hopefully with a bit of humor) about them. If you are new to tiny houses there is a link on the right side to explain what this TINY fuss is. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If you want an entertaining story or two about me and my experiences, look for the category called, My Great Grandmas Outhouse. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I am an idea person, so a lot of my blogs are about ways I thought of that a tiny could be tricked out to better suit the owner. Also, I have some blogs I am working on that expose the old way of thinking that we have to have HUGE homes in order to be happy. Those stories will be called, “Tiny House Myths” Part Two of Tiny House Myths is coming tomorrow or the next day, with comments from one, (maybe two), surprise guests……

There is enough stuff in here, links to cool things that would make your TINY live LARGE or things to consider before you buy or build to keep you entertained for a bit.

I would love some feedback!


– THW (is currently in the loft)…..

This post continues below:

It is not my goal to take a political or any particular viewpoint on this blog. A blog is a blog, and is a snapshot of the person writing it. This one is no exception. Varying views on every subject are welcome here, but I may not publish them all if they get too off subject, unpleasant, or spammy.  I hope tiny housers would be a peace loving bunch, as am I.

So sit back and grab a cup o’ Joe or hot tea, and I hope you will find this blog entertaining as well as informative.

I may be reached by email at: tinyhouse@live.com

The header and background pics MAY contain any of the following:

The interior of a Scandinavian home, (addy in related article, which see).

A pic from the opening pages of “Tiny Homes Simple Shelter,” by Llloyd Kahn. It is taken by Brad Kittel of Tiny Texas Houses.

The Partne’ House built by Scott Stewart at Slabtown customs in Arkansas. He delivers great tiny homes at great prices.

You can reach him by email at: ozarksbest @yahoo.com

“The Little Church of Miracles,” a chapel on wheels. For more pics, you can see it at its Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Church-of-Miracles/172952806057005

An adorable two story Victorian. The credit for that goes to Kevin- you can find his blog here: http://kevinsmicrohomestead.wordpress.com/

Happy Trails fellow Tiny House fans!

4 responses to “About

  1. Hello,

    not quite a tiny house but still something special…The Maya Guesthouse will be the first of its kind.
    We would like to thank you for your interest in our straw bale hotel project.

    We wish you a happy and healthy new year 2012 and a lot of success with your blog.

    Greetings from Switzerland


  2. Andrew Pleban- I believe that all phases are as equally as important as the other phases when creating a satisfying home. When designing and building a home as unique as a tiny house you must know what you want even before starting your project. You must plan and plan again. Have some professional plans drawn up and be sure to cover all aspects pertaining to your wants and needs, now ond in the future.

    Plan to cover energy efficientcy, durability , low maintenance, ease of comfort and appearance. Be as detailed as possible. A small mistake or an overlooked detail on a small home can result in an unexpected problem now or in the years to come. So go slow, take you time in bothplanning and building. We are very excited about launching our new web site on or near Vantine’s Day. Best wishes to all. American Tiny House

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