I Had an Idea….

If you have read my blog much, you know that I have stated elsewhere that I am an idea person, (this is when my daughter runs out of the room screaming, “Oh NO!”). I have not featured any ideas on here lately because I was focused on several other projects. So for old, (haha just over two weeks!), time’s sake, here is an IDEA!

Ok, so here goes:  In light of the towing articles, (one came out yesterday, and one will be up in the next few days), I think SMALLer is SAFER! SO for your driving safety needs: The TINY tiny house!

This house would be able to fit on a small, two wheel trailer. YES, it will have a kitchen and TUB with a toilet. I think a composting toilet would be best, so that you are not dragging black water around, making it tow heavier and clumsier.

The way it would work would be this: on the far wall would be a tiny bunk, maybe five feet off the ground. Under this bunk would be a sink, a tiny oven, microwave and mini fridge. This would be behind a folding door.

Down the perpendicular wall would be another folding door. Lined up behind it would be a tiny RV tub, (they come in sizes as small as 24 inches), with shower. Next to it would be the toilet, and then a small closet with shelves and hanging space.

In the remaining space would be a chair, (the IKEA chair made famous by the Tumbleweeds Co.?), and a rug or something cozy like that. It could be done in a 6×6 space, leaving a whopping 4×4 main area, (by the way, the door would have to swing out obviously, again, the design tool did not want to move it around).

Imagine that bed is five feet up and the stove and other is under it. The toilet and tub are to the right. The room builder I used was limited...

Anyone want to build it for me?

-Tiny House Wisdom


8 responses to “I Had an Idea….

  1. Lol I really enjoyed this but I love SPACE!! hehe and always want more eekkk

    • Well, perhaps this is more of a “wooden RV” for living part time in and travelling. As I said, I am thinking about tow-ability, not necessarily as a full time residence…

      Thanks for commenting!

      Tiny House Wisdom

  2. intriguing, but for us who are somewhat challenged to envision this in our minds, can someone make a few sketches to illustrate?

  3. I’d like to help someone build a tiny house, I’m too confortable in my ~ 500 ft2 home to give it up – just in case their’s someone looking to build near St. Pete, FL?

    • Cool! I will keep that in mind. I definitely am not going to build myself. Like I have said before, I have too many unfinished projects around as it is….

      Thanks for commenting.

      Tiny House Wisdom

  4. Hey, friend , very nice post. I hope we can link up in the near future and talk about how life is going. Thanks for such great info…

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