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Mis·cel·la·ne·a, From Around the Web….

The following are inspirational pieces found ’round the web. The first is an oldie, (circa 2008), but has some good basic comments about downsizing. The space is actually cavernous compared to true tinies, (over 300 sq ft), and the length of the craft is probably longer than my house- 39ft! But in the light of the recent Towing Safety articles, I thought the comments are useful to anyone thinking of towing their home.

The second is a complete design inspiration. Most of the tiny designs use walls to divide spaces and also house stuff. This house has the opposite approach. This would be awesome for a super tiny suitable for more frequent towing. I thought that the bathroom issue could also be simply solved with the sliding doors one wall concealing the items lined up, which I have been playing with in my mind.


I had a link to this but took it down. Apparently there are folks still trying to find this on my site, so I will include a link to a piece from Jetson Green.