The Cantilevered Barns of Cade’s Cove

One of my favorite places in the entire world is Cade’s Cove of Tennessee. The buildings are famous for the fact that many are cantilevered form that use no nails in the entire structure. They have lasted for decades and are some of the first of its kind in the US, (although a European design).

The following link is to a page that details various buildings of Cade’s Cove and include some info about the cantilevered barns which have fascinated me for years.

Here is another link to pics of my favorite one:

11 responses to “The Cantilevered Barns of Cade’s Cove

  1. Cades Cove is a awesome place, I’ve forgotten wonderful it is…those photos are a great reminder…I think it’ll be on my ‘go to list’ for late spring.
    I’m thinking the lightning bug festivities would be a great time to visit?

    I didn’t realise there were so many books about that region…wow !!

    • Love Cade’s Cove! I need to do that bike tour of the park again…
      My ex’s Dad used to own land on the top of the mountain that you get to half way through the park. So we used to go to Cade’s
      Cove through the back roads down the side of the mountain the locals use. It was a few miles of rural road with switch-back turns
      and tiny houses hanging onto the mountain by a thread… Love those tiny mountain houses…


  2. I’d love information on the bike tour…I would hope it’s by

  3. Yeah, well, it is. I believe there are guides who take you through, if you like, but I took myself through. The park road is 11 miles around. It is a flat, easy ride around. No biggie….

  4. I went midweek and it was self touring, not many people either. Bicycling down a few miles of rural roads with switchbacks sounds like a good challenge also…maybe a combined tour.

  5. Um, this road was totally gravel the last time I was there, I think. That would be NERVE wracking! I am not that bold on my bike! The Cade’s Cove road through the park is paved, wide and nice riding. The road in the middle to the backside of Rich Mountain goes straight UP on gravel with switchbacks, and CA-RAZY mountain drivers! NO THANK YOU!

  6. Folks just don’t know what the life is like up there. When we first went to Townsend, we pulled up to a country store. There was a country gentleman standing at the porch dressed completely in 1940’s suit and the hat. Oh yeah, and the brass nucks. The ex said, “Don’t talk to him or look at him,” as he went in the store. The guy was a moonshiner….

  7. But that is a different story. Cade’s Cove is not like that….

  8. Mom is from West Virginia, from one of the hollers, as grandpa was a coal miner before he got black lung and became a moonshiner….
    I was thinking my mountain bike…the one with the disk brakes!
    What’s life without any adventures?
    OK….back to tiny houses 😉

  9. I was thinking more along the lines of back to “trailerable small homes” …I love a tiny house, this one @ 500 ft2 was the smallest I could find in this city. I could live in 300 ft2 if it was designed better, and maybe less. I’d love to have one of those tiny mountain homes to escape to from the summer heat here. Waiting to Great Grandmas story….maybe it’ll excite others enough to post here also.

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