Thanks for 1,000 Clicks in the First Three Weeks!

News about my blog and coming articles, and general TINY housekeeping….

Thanks to all who have visited my blog! I apologize for the “tiny” brag, but I am shocked that this blog received aprox. 1,000 hits in its first three weeks!

I have plans to move this blog soon to a paid hosting site in order to enable banners. If you are interested in a banner on my blog, please contact me at the email below. Also, I am looking for some people to chat with me and help with content on the site. I have been thinking about a coming post on “Safe Pest Control for the Tiny House,” for weeks now. If you are, or know someone who can speak authoritatively on this subject, please contact me.

Also, I would be glad to sponsor a guest poster, or sponsor any Tiny House subject of interest. So please let me hear from you!

One last thing: This is the “What IF” site. I am a “think outside the box” person, as are many Tiny Housers.  None of my personal ideas, UNLESS stated otherwise, are meant to be the definitive answer for everybody. Obviously, the guests who are interviewed or what have you, are exceptions as experts in their area of experience. If you feel you have a better solution, I am eager to hear, as long as it is stated in a polite format. I think it was Kurt Vonnegut, Jr who once said, “Love may fail, but COURTESY will prevail.” At least on this site.

I may be reached at-


Tiny House Wisdom-

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