Clocks Are Useless Here: A Review of, “Tiny Homes Simple Shelter,” by Lloyd Kahn

“Clocks are useless here…”

A Review of Lloyd Khan’s new book, “Tiny Homes Simple Shelter.”

In 224 pages of a dizzying array of stunning photography and how-to tiny home information, Khan has captured the movement in a book that is like a Renaissance of the, “Whole Earth Catalog,” years. From the first astounding photo by Tiny Texas House’s Brad Kittell, ”Tiny Homes Simple Shelter” published by Shelter Publications of Bolinas, California, is a must have book.  Every facet of simple, alternative, or unique, sustainable, downsized or otherwise dwellings is covered inside these pages. It has been a long time since I could sit and stare at a book for hours with the wheels of my mind spinning with ideas spawned from the content, as I used to do with the aforementioned Whole Earth tomes, only with the addition of  amazing color photography.

These glossy pages manage to cram an entire movement with a patchwork of photographs, but is also chock full of information useful to the beginner and diverse enough to hold the interest of the tiny house veteran.  Tiny houses are like babies, you could stare at them for hours, and who can resist?  I hardly knew where to look, as I wanted to see all the pictures at once, and at the same time I did not want to miss a word.

Kahn covers almost every person and home type in the forefront of the tiny home movement. All of the people I am familiar with who are building tiny homes are there, plus some new faces I did not recognize. Tammy Strobel, Brad Kittell, Derek Diedrickson, Janine, Tortoise Shell, Little House on the Trailer, (and of course Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed), the list of “who’s who” in the tiny home movement goes on and on, but did not end there. Covered were not only those in the US, but alternative buildings and builders from around the world: Wales cob houses, Norwegian built butterfly huts for orphans in Thailand, Mali, (Africa), Tokyo, BC, France and back again to the USA. This book is a tour of, cantilevered, container, floating, rolling, you-name-it homes, yurts, treehouses, mud shacks, “Diedricksons,” vardos, a 21 square foot mule drawn buggy, and even a troll bridge. If you can think it, it is in there.

My favorites are the Crystal River Treehouse, (but I have to say, in the following pages there is some nudity if you have kids), Judith Mountain Cabin, and, well there is just far too much that I absolutely loved in this book. I cannot even begin to tell how many tiny houses I adored in “Tiny Homes Simple Shelter.” You will just have to trust me and get a copy for yourself.

3 responses to “Clocks Are Useless Here: A Review of, “Tiny Homes Simple Shelter,” by Lloyd Kahn

  1. Good, thorough review- on a GREAT book. I loved the “Taylor Camp” section, Tom’s Cabin, and Michelle Wilson’s Caravans- well, and pretty much everything else. I’m thrilled to be a part of the book too. Keep up the great blog work Annie!
    -Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

    • Thanks! I admit I was shocked to be asked to do it! But yay! It is a great book, (and I got it for free but dont tell anybody…). I also loved Tom’s Cabin, and one called Protostoga was different. The difficult thing was to decide what or who should be mentioned by name. There are so many from which to choose!

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