About Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Tiny House” + Feature Focus, FLW Downsized

The following is an article that I found when reading about FLW and his minimalism taking on the affordable family home. In Milwaukee is a tiny development that FLW had built as prototypes to a new concept he had to downsize and build for the moderate income family. One of these restored is 800 sq ft.



While writing the piece about living without the stuff, I ran across an interesting article about THE name in minimalist architecture- Frank Lloyd Wright. Interestingly, apparently HE was thinking in the downward size direction, and there are 300 designs he left unbuilt. Some of these are small homes for modest budgets, (or were MEANT to be- as it turns out, as he designed in a different age, it is extremely expensive to build even a small FLW home). These plans are available to those who want to build a REAL FLW design, with strings, of course. The designs are built once and retired. And too, those involved with each project must use “approved Talesian” builders. You can read more of this fascinating subject here:



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