Part Three of Tiny House Safety- Roll Offs…

Part Three: Roll Offs

Well, you can’t stay hooked up to the truck forever. Even if you could, someone could easily disconnect your tiny house and steal everything you own all at once. I know, because someone did that exact thing after hurricane Katrina. All of my stuff was in a pull behind trailer my Dad gave me for my birthday, and we were visiting friends in Diamond Head Mississippi. I got a weird feeling and could not get out of there fast enough. I left behind the trailer chained to a tree and the back-est seat of my Astro van under a huge oak. The trailer was stolen, and the oak split my seat in two when it came down. Because while we were visiting OTHER friends in Sheboygan,Wisconsin, (now THERE is nice town- full of cute loft tiny houses for reasonable prices, too), Katrina happened.

Two and a half weeks after we left, the Gulf Coast was robbed of all the astounding architectural history of the last two hundred years. My daughter and I used to drive up and down the main highway next to the water and say, “I want THAT one.” I kid you not, the day we left, I was in the Gulfport Walmart, and looked out over the road to the water on the other side and said to myself, “I wonder what would happen if a Hurricane came?”

Two and a half weeks later we found out.

Did I tell you I left two and a half months before Ivan destroyed Pensacola? But that is another story. If I tell you I am antsy and feel like I gotta get out of town- RUN!

But I digress. I been thinking about roll offs.  How to prevent them? I know there are devices you can lock the trailer hitch on the back of your vehicle while in tow to prevent it from being disconnected and hooked up to someone ELSE’S vehicle. But what if you want to drive into town and leave the tiny behind? I am sure there are some products on the market, and when I see them, I will publish them here for you to use.

What I thought of, was for the person who is parking their tiny on a spot where they could place a permanent hitch sunk into concrete. The tiny could be chained to the hitch with a padlock. Another thing that could be done to prevent these roll off situations from occurring, is to build a wooden or wire cage box that would fit upside down over the top. This could even be placed on hinges and it too could be locked into position in order to prevent unauthorized unhitching of the tiny house. These boxes would look like a sort of suitcase and would be designed to fit around the hitch area, (not the entire house), to make access impossible. The suitcase lockout device would be portable.

Well I had planned to publish this one after I wrote about the towing safety issue. But since I was scooped on the subject on another tiny house site, (they say great minds think alike), I figured I would go ahead and put my two cents in, for what it is worth…

Please feel free to comment about any products on the market designed to prevent roll offs from happening.

A list, (as they come in), of links to products that will help deter roll offs:

Here is a link for wheel locks that are affordable :

Here is a link for a locking device that prevents hostile hookups from the business end:


4 responses to “Part Three of Tiny House Safety- Roll Offs…

  1. Another thought is to somehow lock the wheels- there are trailer wheel locks on the market but they don’t look particularly sturdy. They seem like more of a deterrant. Here’s one:

    What about removing the wheels completely while parked? Again, a deterrent but certainly something that would stop people from stealing your trailer right away if you were gone.

    • Hey Ethan-

      I think wheel locks sound like a great idea. Do plan to do that with yours? Roll offs are certainly a consideration. My pull behind with everything I owned was rolled out of my friend’s backyard in Diamond Head after Katrina, and she never noticed. That was a mess…

  2. I do plan on doing something for security. If it’s a location where I’ll be parked for a while, I definitely like the idea of pouring some concrete into the ground to anchor/chain to. But with all anti-theft stuff, I think everything is a deterrent. With enough time and determination I’m sure someone could steal any trailer.

  3. Well, I guess you would need to check on it regularly or have someone else keep an eye on it. Of course there IS the GPS option- so that if it was to be stolen you could track it….

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