Coming SOON- Tiny House Myth # 2: I Can’t Live Without My Stuff!

Yes Dear Reader, I am writing another installment to the Tiny House Myth series. This time I will investigate the question, “Can I live without my stuff?”

I will get comments from a couple of surprise guests about whether they are living well in their tiny houses without all the “stuff”.

So stay tuned! This article should be ready in a day or two.  In the meantime, take a look around and check out my site!


Annie, (is IN the loft).


2 responses to “Coming SOON- Tiny House Myth # 2: I Can’t Live Without My Stuff!

  1. Love your blog. Andrew pointed me over here from Facebook. I’m glad he did. II enjoyed all your posts. The only thing missing for me was that I’d sure like to see some pictures

    • Hey Sheri! Thanks to Drew for sending you over here! I am happy you like it. I know it is a tad drab right now, and I do not have a gorgeous tiny on wheels yet to put pics up. I was a little bit concerned about copyrights, so the pics you see have pretty much given me the go ahead to use. I have given a link back to the people who have the rights to them in the About section. This blog started on a different Theme and although I can do more with this one word-wise, the colors are not there yet.

      Also, my blog is a little different as in it is not like the others. I write stories and so far have not come up with a way to work around that.

      Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you will subscribe, as I write new content constantly!


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