A Tiny Idea

There is no question about it- I am an idea person. I do not always have the mojo, be it technical skill, energy, or the GREEN to accomplish what I have dreamed. So while thinking about a tiny kitchen, I had an idea, (reader beware, in my house, the phrase, “I had an idea” usually sends my daughter screaming, “OH NO” from the room).

Instead of spending thousands of dollars for a wooden kitchen ensemble, or for a tiny prefab metal one, I happen to know that used restaurant stainless steel can be picked up easily for just a little bit of cash. Hand wash sinks, bar sinks complete with drain board and even sink/table combos can be purchased locally or online for very little money compared to the outlay for the more involved models, even you purchased prefab cabinetry from big box stores.

I searched online and easily found a great 24×48 stainless table on ebay for $125.  An added bonus to that price is that many of the online restaurant equipment stores ship free! A handwash sink wall mounted was about $46 at one online venue, and I suspect that used equipment is even less expensive if you search for local outlets in your town.

There are several advantages to using the stainless option. For starters, I am pretty sure that pound for pound, it would be lighter weight to haul stainless counters in your tiny on wheels than the same footage in custom wooden cabinets. Secondly, you could dramatically reduce your monetary outlay by being able to do it yourself, rather than have your builder go the custom route for you. I think a novice could most likely handle the metal tables. Another advantage of these tables is that you get a great design plus for your tiny house- inexpensive stainless countertops.

If you compare used tables to new stainless countertops, you will discover the vast difference in price- a couple hundred for the entire set up as opposed to the THOUSANDS you would spend on the counters alone.  And too, if you wanted to build in cabinets later, viola, stainless countertops are already in place!

Stainless adds to the look of spaciousness, as any reflective or shiny surface increases the feeling of largeness in design. Also, with the undersides being open, this also contributes to the feeling of increased area of the home. Some many not like the idea of the shelves being open underneath, but you cannot have everything…. A solution to this problem would be of course to hang curtains under the counters, English Country Cottage style. Square Baskets- metal weave or other type material, say wicker, would also be a way to hide your bottles and cans in the open shelf underneath.

However you personalize it, used stainless restaurant tables and sinks are a way to have a great look with a fraction of the expense of wooden cabinets. And it is repurposing an item that would definitely inhabit the land fill for a very long time.



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