A Look Ahead… 2012

“What is inside you can get you through anything that is outside you.”

Many make New Year’s resolutions and others state what they think is going to happen in the New Year. I want to start this year with a game plan. In light of the recession, unemployment and housing crash of the last two years, I want to put forth the following for your consideration. The world will not blow up, (I hope), if you do not heed my advice, but I do hope that you will in order to be ready to face the next year in the uncertain times in which we live.

The word of the year: FLUID
1. Please lets all make it a priority to get ourselves fluid! This means that we are not so attached to worldly possessions that we are unable to make minute by minute adjustments if necessary.
2. Get out of debt.
3. Got off all forms of dependency on jobs, government or otherwise.
4. A mobile tiny house makes sense. If you can and you do not have a large family, consider it for its affordability and mobility if there should be any social unrest or natural disasters.
5. Consider having supplies on hand in case of the later. I know that in some ways that seems to contradict the “less is more” philosophy I am recommending, but if you think about it, food is more important to have than junk. The whole base of the simplicity movement is to consider what you NEED,  and I would think that food would figure prominently as such.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year! Full of Light and Love and PEACE….




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