Today’s Virtual Breadcrumb: Workamping….

Today’s VirtualBreadcrumb… Working From Your Tiny

There is a large group of RV-ers who travelall over the country to work based on ads they locate through Workampingmagazines, and blogs. Of course these would be perfect for Tiny-ers who want tomake income in a less conventional or off the grid type of way.Apparently these jobs vary from campground work to Amazon who hires extras atthe various sites around the US.

For some of these jobs, the pay is good and though hard, the work is for a setperiod of time. Unfortunately, there are others who try to take advantage ofthe workampers and try to get them to drive long distances only to barter workfor a free spot at the campground.

Do your homework and be careful, but this sounds promising for Tinies!

Here is an article about how to spot the phony jobs:

And this one is about the Amazon job:

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope I just gave somebody a present


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